On July 11th, SDSN Bolivia launched a call for transversal studies with actionable proposals. It surprised us pleasantly when we received 23 proposals from 16 of our affiliate institutions. We must recognize that the quality of the proposals was very high in general terms, making the selection of the winning proposals a difficult task.

We must clarify that for confidentiality reasons, winning researchers may not reveal details about the data we will be sharing with them for the studies. However, when the time comes, we look forward to widely disseminating the results.

For the effort put into the proposals, we congratulate all the institutions and researchers who delivered them timely. The winners will have a very important task in order to provide the general public with inputs to make actions for development more efficient in Bolivia. But we also remind all our network members, that we will be needing their contribution in the near future, thus doors for inter-institutional cooperation will always remain open.

Finally, we officially announce the 12 winning proposals that will be taking on the task of deepening and making applicable the data and indicators of the Municipal Atlas of the SDGs in Bolivia.

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