1 Address: Av. 20 de Octubre (entre Aspiazu y J.J. Pérez) Edif. 2034 – Of. 204
Phone: 591 2 2419061
Institutional web-site:
Contact person: María Teresa Nogales, Executive Director
Contact e-mail:
Fundación Alternativas is a Bolivian non-profit organization dedicated to promoting sustainable alternatives to guarantee food security in the cities of Bolivia. The work of Alternativas focuses on uniting civil, public and private efforts in designing and implementing public policies, programs and initiatives that permit citizens and communities to satisfy their universal right of alimentation. We work in three main areas: Food policy, socio-educational initiatives, and urban agriculture
  Fundación Alternativas (Alternativas)
2 Address: Av. Arce Nro. 2970, Zona San Jorge, La Paz Bolivia
Phone: 591 2 2004492 – 591 2 2004491
Institutional web-site:
Contact person: Paul Mauricio Villarroel Via, Santiago Tommy Tapia Caspa
Contact e-mail: ,
The ARU Foundation is an independent, plural public policy research institute that promotes and produces applied research of high quality to inform and orient the debate about public policies in Bolivia.
  Fundación ARU
3 Address: Av. Las Américas 7, Santa Cruz de la Sierra
Phone: +591-3-3334555.
Institutional web-site:
Contact persons: Pablo Mendieta and Patricia Hurtado
Contact e-mail:,
CAINCO is the largest business association in Bolivia. It encourages entrepreneurship and public policies for departmental, national and international development. It promotes innovation in the business and social fields.
  Centro Boliviano De Estudios Económicos (CEBEC) de la Cámara de Industria, Comercio, Servicios y Turismo de Santa Cruz (CAINCO)
4 Address:  Ciudad Universitaria de la Av. Busch, entre segundo y tercer anillo. Módulo 244, segundo piso, Santa Cruz de la Sierra
Phone:  (+591) 76694294
Institutional web-site:
Contact person:  Christian Andrés Aramayo Arce, Coordinator
Contact e-mail:
The CEDHE promotes sustainable development through a portfolio of opportunities, strengthening soft and hard skills. Promotes and implements SDGs 4, SDG 8 and SDG 17.
  Centro de Desarrollo Humano y Empleabilidad (CEDHE) de la Facultad de Ciencias Económicas Administrativas y Financieras de la Universidad Autónoma Gabriel René Moreno
Address:  Calle Raquel de Busch 69, Barrio Hamacas, Santa Cruz de la Sierra
Phone:  (+591-3) 3434192, 3434208
Institutional web-site:
Contact person:  Rubens Barbery Knaudt, President
Contact e-mail:
The Center for Participation and Sustainable Human Development (CEPAD) provides support, assistance and guidance to both the public and the private sector on the topics of human development, economic development and sustainable development.
  Center for Participation and Sustainable Human Development (CEPAD)
6 Address: Calle 13 #8008, Calacoto, La Paz
Phone: +591.2.2797700
Institutional web-site:
Contact person: Eduardo Forno, Director Ejecutivo.
Contact e-mail:
We have been working for 30 years in Bolivia convinced about the importance of protecting the valuable biological diversity of the country for the benefit of the wellbeing of Bolivians. CI-Bolivia promotes sustainable development visualizing a future where societies are committed to protecting nature for their own benefit and for the benefit of all life forms.
  Conservación Internacional – Bolivia (CI)
7 Address: Av. Víctor Ustariz, km 6 ½, Zona Santa Rosa, Cochabamba, Bolivia
Phone: +591-4-4268287 (Int. 430)
Contact person: Carmen Carla Quiroga Ledezma, Ph.D., Director
Contact e-mail: :
The Center for Agricultural and Agroindustrial Research (CIAA) at UPB promotes the diversification of agricultural production, introduction of new appropriate techniques of industrial processing, improvement of productivity and competitiveness of high altitude agriculture, greater food security and conservation of biodiversity.
  Centro de Investigaciones Agrícolas y Agroindustriales (CIAA) / Universidad Privada Boliviana (UPB)
8 Address: Av. Víctor Ustariz, km 6 ½, Zona Santa Rosa, Cochabamba, Bolivia
Phone: +591-4-4268287 (Int. 532)
Contact person: Juan E. Cabrera, PhD. – Director
Contact e-mail:
The Architecture and Urbanism Research Center was created with the following objectives: Implement, develop, execute and consolidate research projects in the areas of Architecture and Urbanism to help solve the needs of the region and the country in sensitive areas.
  Centro de Investigaciones en Arquitectura y Urbanismo (CIAU) / Universidad Privada Boliviana (UPB)
9 Address: Av. Hernando Siles esq. Calle 5 Nro. 5080 – Obrajes (La Paz)
Calle Juan Pablo II S/N Zona Santa Rosa- Colcapirhua (Cochabamba)
Phones: (+591) 2-2170000 Int. 321; 322; 567 (La Paz)
(+591) 4-4268287 Int.  321; 322; 567 (Cochabamba)
(+591) 3-3453055 Int.  321; 322; 567 (Santa Cruz)
Institutional web-site:
Contact person: Carlos Foronda, Director
Contact e-mail:
The Centro de Investigaciones Económicas y Empresariales (CIEE), at the Universidad Privada Boliviana (UPB), focuses its research activities on topics of applied economics, with emphasis on topics of national and regional interest, giving priority to technical and data-driven analysis.
  Centro de Investigaciones Económicas y Empresariales (CIEE)
10 Address: Campus Universitario UPB. Camino Achocalla Km. 3.5, Zona Kañuma, La Paz, Bolivia
Phone: +591-2-216 5700
Contact person: Sandra Ibáñez-Calero, Ph.D., Director
Contact e-mail:
The Phytochemical Research Center (CIF) of UPB is focused on the validation and valuation of plant resources in our territory to provide scientific and technological information to national industry and the society within the framework of sustainable exploitation of these resources.
  Centro de Investigaciones Fitoquímicas (CIF) / Universidad Privada Boliviana (UPB)
11 Address: Av. Víctor Ustariz, km 6 ½, Zona Santa Rosa, Cochabamba, Bolivia
Phone: +591-4-4268287
Contact person: Oliver Saavedra, Ph.D., Director
Contact e-mail:
The Research Center in Civil and Environmental Engineering (CIICA) is the research unit of UPB responsible for performing scientific and applied research to contribute to the technological advance of the country and region based on sustainable development.
  Centro de Investigaciones en Ingeniería Civil y Ambiental (CIICA) / Universidad Privada Boliviana (UPB)
12 Address: Av. Víctor Ustariz, km 6 ½, Zona Santa Rosa, Cochabamba, Bolivia
Phone: +591-4-4268287 (Int. 427)
Contact person: Alex Villazón, Ph.D., Director
Contact e-mail:
Develops new computer technologies (e.g. mobile applications, Internet of Things – IoT, Cloud Computing) to implement software systems and embedded computing, applied to health and industrial innovation.
  Centro de Investigaciones de Nuevas Tecnologías Informáticas (CINTI) / Universidad Privada Boliviana (UPB)
13 Address: Av. Capitán Ustariz km 6.5, zona Santa Rosa, casilla 3967, Cochabamba, Bolivia
Phone: +591-4-4268287
Institutional web-site:
Contact person: Omar Ormachea, PhD, Director
Contact e-mail:
The Optical and Energy Research Center (CIOE) of Universidad Privada Boliviana (UPB) was created in 2007 to carry out applied research in the fields of quantum electronics, redioelectric propagation, optics and photonics, and renewable energy.
  Centro de Investigaciones Ópticas y Energías (CIOE) / Universidad Privada Boliviana (UPB)
14 Address: Av.Víctor Ustariz, km 6 ½, Zona Santa Rosa, Cochabamba, Bolivia
Phone: +591-4-4268287
Institutional web-site:
Contact person: Ramiro Escalera Vásquez, Ph.D., Director
Contact e-mail:
The CIPI was created in 2004 with the purpose of carrying out technical – scientific studies whose main objective is to improve the competitiveness and productivity of industrial companies in Bolivia, within the framework of ecologically sustainable industrial development.
  Centro de Investigaciones en Procesos Industriales (CIPI) / Universidad Privada Boliviana (UPB)
15 Address: Calle Belisario Salinas Nº 296, La Paz, Bolivia
Phone: +591-2-2142000
Institutional web-site:
Contact person: Eduardo Paz Gonzales, Director
Contact e-mail:
The Center for Social Research of the Vicepresidency of the Plurinational State of Bolivia has three lines of research (Policy/Government, Theory/History, and Economics/Society) through which it seeks to contribute to a better understanding of historical and contemporary issues within the Bolivian society.
  Centro de Investigaciones Sociales (CIS) de la Vicepresidencia del Estado
16 Address: Av. Pablo Sánchez Nº 6981, entre calles 1 y 2 de Irpavi, La Paz, Bolivia
Phone: +591-2-2721925
Institutional web-site:
Contact person: Alfonso Malky Harb, Latin America Technical Director
Contact e-mail:
CSF is a non-profit organization established in California in 1998. It focuses on environmental conservation using economic tools.
  Conservation Strategy Fund (CSF)
17 Address: Pasaje Zoológico # 1164 entre Av. Humbolt y Bartolomé de las casas.
Phone: + 591 4 42 44214
Institutional website:
Contact person: María del Carmen Ledo García, Directora del CEPLAG – UMSS
Contact e-mail:
CEPLAG was created in 1999, under the framework of the University Institutional Cooperation (IUC) between the Universidad Mayor de San Simón (UMSS), the Inter University Flemish Council of Belgium (Vlaamse interuniversitaire Raad – VLIR) and the Universidad Catholic Church of Leuven (Katholieke Universiteit Leuven – KULeuven). CEPLAG is a research center belonging to the Faculty of Economic Sciences (FCE) and the Faculty of Architecture and Habitat Sciences of the Universidad Mayor de San Simón. CEPLAG hasa a multidisciplinary research approach in the areas of: Economics and Applied Mathematics, Social Studies, and Space Studies.
  Centro de Planificación y Gestión (CEPLAG – UMSS)
18 Address: Calle 5, N° 578, Edificio «Q» Business Center-Piso 4, Zona Achumani
Phone: +591-2-2145797; + 591 -2-2145739; +591 2-2770128 Fax +(591-2) 591-2-2770119
Institutional website:
Contact person: Antonio Ruiz Michel, Director Ejecutivo
Contact e-mails:
For more than 20 years, CPTS has worked on issues related to energy efficiency and pollution prevention in different areas of Bolivia’s economy. In addition, it has developed technology, based on the principles of cleaner production. By 2019, CPTS has worked with over 300 businesses.
  Centro de Promoción de Tecnologías Sostenibles (CPTS)
19 Address: Calle La Paz E-573 entre Antezana y 16 de Julio, Cochabamba, Bolivia | P.O.Box 4964
Phone: Teléfono/Fax: (591) 4-42 53647 / (591) 4-42 53825
Institutional website:
Contacto person: Miguel Fernandez Fuentes, Director
Contact e-mails:  ,
ENERGÉTICA is a civil, private, non-profit development institution that works in the field of sustainable energy on a nation-wide scale in Bolivia. ENERGÉTICA was founded in 1993 reaching 26 years of experience promoting a harmonious development of society by 2019.
  ENERGETICA Energía Para el Desarrollo
Address: Avenida Ecuador #2131, Edificio LIDEMA piso 2 Sopocachi, La Paz, Bolivia.
Phone: (591 – 2) 2113364 – 24318 5 | Fax: (591 – 2) 2433120
Contact person: Alfonso Blanco López, Presidente del Directorio
Contact emails:,
FUNDESNAP is a Bolivian Foundation that since its creation by a public-private alliance in 2000, seeks to contribute to the strengthening and sustainability of the conservation processes of the country’s broad biodiversity, as an environmental fund specialized in supporting the National System of Protected Areas at the national and sub-national levels. Its mission is to contribute to the development and sustainability of the National System of Protected Areas by raising and managing resources for the implementation of programs, projects and activities, involving different sectors of Bolivian society.
  Fundación para el Desarrollo del Sistema Nacional de Áreas Protegidas (FUNDESNAP)
21 Address: Av. Illimani No. 161. La Paz, Bolivia
Institutional website:
Contact person: Boris Carlos Sahonero Zelada, Director Ejecutivo
Contact e-mails:
The institution focusses on researching the relation between migration and climate change, and on the development of strategic guidelines for municipal disaster and risk management.
  Fundación Jisunú del Desarrollo (JIDESA)
22 Address: Campus UCB – Bloque G – Av. 14 de Septiembre No. 4807, esq. Calle 2, Obrajes, La Paz, Bolivia
Phones: (591 2) 2786719, (591 2) 2786729, (591 2) 2782965
Institutional web-site:
Contact person: Dr. Boris Branisa C., Director of iDEC
Contact e-mails:
iDEC (Institute for the development of entrepreneurship and competitiveness) is the research arm and think tank of ePC (School of Production and Competitiveness) in the promotion of entrepreneurship and competitiveness.
  Instituto para el Desarrollo del Emprendimiento y la Competitividad (iDEC)
23 Address: Av. Alexander No. 53, esquina calle 23 de Achumani, La Paz
Telephones: +591-2-2146839 / 2713344 / 2712828.
Web site:
Contact person: Lucía Casanovas, Gerente de Desarrollo Institucional
Contact e-mail:
Fundación Innovación en Empresariado Social (IES) is a private, non-profit foundation convinced that the way to generate value in society is through more and better dynamic enterprises with social impacts. To support that vision, IES provides knowledge, experience and networks for enterprises to gain sustainable access to financing and appropriate knowledge for growth.
  Fundación Innovación en Empresariado Social (IES)
24 Address: Av. 14 de Septiembre N° 4836, entre calles 2 y 3, Obrajes, La Paz-Bolivia
Phone: (591-2) 2782222, Interno 2738
Institutional web-site:
Contact person: Dra. Fernanda Wanderley, Directora
Contact e-mail:,
The Institute for Socio-Economic Research of the Bolivian Catholic University (IISEC-UCB) is a center of excellence in social and economic research. Its mission is to generate objective, interdisciplinary knowledge about the Bolivian society and economy based on solid empirical evidence, thus contributing to inclusive and sustainable development.
  Instituto de Investigaciones Socio-Económicas (IISEC)
25 Address:  Torre CESUR, Piso 6, Of 608, Calle 24 esq. Av Ballivián, Calacoto, La Paz
Phone: (+591) 2 279 9701  –  2 279 7412  –  719 50 500
Institutional web-site:
Contact person: Enrique Velazco Reckling, Director Ejecutivo
Contact e-mail:
Since its foundation in 1986, INASET provides integral support to small and medium sized productive enterprises, with the aim of supporting the productive development of an economically competitive, socially just and environmentally sustainable society.
  INASET Fundación para la PyME
26 Address: Av. Altamirano #6775, Irpavi (entre calles 4 y 5), La Paz
Phone: +591-2-2146069
Institutional web-site:
Contact person: Beatriz Muriel, Executive Director
Contact e-mail:
LINESAD Foundation is the leading think tank in Bolivia. Its mission is to generate, disseminate and transfer knowledge to overcome critical obstacles to sustainable socioeconomic development, seeking to influence public policy.
  Fundación INESAD (Instituto de Estudios Avanzados en Desarrollo)
27 Address:  Calle 6, Bloque 95 #402, Los Pinos, La Paz
Phone: +591 74 66 98 30
Institutional web-site:
Contact person:  Martin Moll, Coordinator
Contact e-mail:
We create partnerships between research, art, practice and entrepreneurial projects to incubate a new equilibrium with life systems. We contribute to the access to innovations and to strengthening value chains, while also embedding climate resilience. The Paitití Project, our main focus, fosters the transition to a sustainable bio-economy in the Amazon.
  Paitití Lab (PAITITI)
28 Dirección:  Calle Alejandro del Carpio entre Junin y O’connor Nº 659, Tarija.
Teléfonos/fax: (591) 46645865 – (591) 46633873
Página web:
Persona de contacto:  Rodrigo Ayala, Director Ejecutivo.
Correo de contacto:
PROMETA was founded 28 years ago in the city of Tarija. In the first stage it was entirely dedicated to the creation of protected areas. In the following years, and until now, it has expanded its action to fields such as integrated water management, climate change adaptation and mitigation, community productive projects, early childhood protection and eco-health. It has its head office in Tarija, Bolivia, an office in La Paz and a presence in the municipality of Villamontes. It has 26 people working as staff and consultants. It has developed projects in all departments of the country.
  Protección del Medioambiente Tarija (PROMETA)
29 Address:   Achachicala Avda. Chacaltaya N. 1258 (Plaza Don Bosco), La Paz
Telephone: +591 22305210 / 22305252 / 22305861 / 22305844
Contact Person: Willy W. Chambi, Planning and Evaluation Director
Contact E-Mail:
The Salesian University of Bolivia (USB) is dedicated to offering people with social and economic disadvantages access to higher education. USB currently has a main campus in the Achachicala neighbourhood of La Paz, as well as five secondary campuses in smaller cities around the country. Founded in 1998, it currently hosts more than 7000 undergraduate students and 1000 postgraduate students. 72% of undergraduate students are first generation students; neither parent received higher education.
  Universidad Salesiana de Bolivia
Address: Av. Paraguá y 4to. Anillo, Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia.
Phone: 591 3 3464000
Person of contact: Sergio Daga, Vicerrector
The Private University Foundation of Santa Cruz de la Sierra – UPSA, created in 1984 by the Chamber of Industry, Commerce, Services and Tourism of Santa Cruz (CAINCO), is a non-profit civil institution of private law dedicated to higher education, which cultivates freedom of thought, opinion and expression within the highest standards of self-improvement and the pursuit of excellence. Its fundamental purpose is to develop training, research and extension programs based on truth, goodness and integrity of man, society and nature as a whole.
  Universidad Privada de Santa Cruz de la Sierra (UPSA)
31 Address: Av. 20 de Octubre (entre Aspiazu y J.J. Pérez) Edif. 2034 – Of. 204
Phone: (591-3) 842 2135 – 842 2136 – 842 2193
Institutional web-site:
Contact person: Marliz Arteaga Gómez–García, Docente Investigador Asociado
Contact e-mail:
The Amazon University of Pando, was created by Supreme Decree No. 20511 of September 21, 1984 and sanctioned by National Law No. 653 of October 18, 1984. The Organic Statute of the UAP was approved at the VI National Conference of Universities in October 1997 and by the National Congress of Universities in May 1999, both events held in the city of Trinidad – Beni.
  Universidad Amazónica de Pando (UAP)
32 Address:  Calle Gabino Villanueva #340, entre las calles 24 y 25 de Calacoto, La Paz
Phone: +591 (2) 2117969/2126905
Institutional web-site:
Contact person:  Ph.D. Lilian Painter, Bolivia Program Director
Contact e-mail:
The activities of WCS Bolivia are concentrated in the Great Madidi Landscape, with important scientific advances and experiences in conservation, territorial management, sustainable management of natural resources and communication.