Contribute to the implementation of efficient solutions and strategies to advance towards the Sustainable Development Goals.


Promote the progress and impact of the Sustainable Development Goals at the local, national and regional level, by supporting the formulation of efficient solutions based on scientific evidence and in collaboration with key strategic allies.


To be the catalyst for a sustainable future in Bolivia, through the identification and realization of efficient solutions to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals, promoting the active participation of civil society and the State at all levels.


SDSN-Bolivia is hosted by the Bolivian Private University (UPB) who is in charge of offering infrastructure and personnel for the basic operations of the Network.

The Universidad Privada Boliviana (UPB) is one of the top universities in Bolivia and Latin America. According to América Economía, UPB is among the 23 best business schools in Latin America and is the only Bolivian university that enters this prestigious ranking. UPB has its headquarters in Cochabamba, as well as a campus and post graduate center in La Paz, and a new campus under construction in Santa Cruz.

Fundación SOLYDES is a foundation based in La Paz, which was established in 1987 with the sole purpose of fighting poverty in Bolivia by supporting innovative initiatives. Throughout these years, Fundación SOLYDES has been a central actor in the construction and consolidation of the microfinance sector in Bolivia and has strengthened productive entrepreneurship ideas with positive social impacts.

First two years of SDSN Bolivia, SOLYDES provided financing for the basic operations of the Network.